About Glass fence

One of the main our products is a glass fence (rekkverk).  It is an elegant and original solution for both, interior and exterior. Our highest quality glass fence (rekkverk) always looks modern and nice around Your terrace, stairs or balcony. Whatever You wish, we have got an option to suit Your place and budget. Usually, You can pick Your favorite style and type of the glass from our gallery here, or gallery on Facebook page – Jonas Vinduer.

As a matter of fact, we always recommend 6, 8, 10, 12 mm thick or more safe glass. All depends on what style of glass fence (rekkverk) You choose. Beside, You can pick tinted, hardet, laminated, mirrored glass type – it’s Your choice. We offer the glass, which is always with polished edges and it looks nicely finished.

Accessories for a glass fence

There is also an option to buy only glass or glass with stainless steel holders to Your wooden fence. It is very convenient to order from us just a glass or glass with a steel holders, when customer makes wooden handrails and wooden posts by himself. Certainly, You can find the examples of finished projects on our gallery.

In a present time, one of the most popular glass fence (rekkverk) is the one with point fixations on the front of Your terrace or balcony. You can choose with a mini quadrangle ALU/ round stainless steel handrail on the top, or without handrail at all. Since there are no steel posts, You can get a fashionable and beautiful view. For this reason, this kind of glass fence (rekkverk) is especially purchased. Surely, not only fine view, but an attractive price as well is a huge advantage!

Therefore, the glass fence is really great solution for a perfect view, smart choice of safety and durability.