Classic style top mounted

Classic style glass fence mounted from the top

Nowadays, classic style glass fence mounted from the top of the floor is very popular. Its suits for all types: modern or classic buildings, for interior and exterior. Also, it is easy to install, when following our detailed manufacturing drawings.

Usually, for a classic style glass fence we offer standard steel AISI 304 type or extra antirust steel type AISI 316. In fact, both steel types are not rusting themselves. The most important is do not damage it with another metal or during the installation process. Particularly, we offer AISI 316 steel type, when object is near the seaside or on customer’s request.

Classic style glass fence top mounted with round handrail

Similarly like vertical posts, round handrail is 42mm (standard diameter). In spite, we have a nice 90 degrees corner connection for the round steel handrail. Also straight connection and adjustable connection are offered. As a matter of fact, we always make handrail with an extra connection to the wall, in case if glass fence begins or ends in the wall. For this reason, the extra handrail connection to the wall will help glass fence stay strong and stable.

Mostly, customers choose 8 mm thick tempered glass type for the classic style glass fence. Sometimes tempered glass is combined with laminated, all depends on Your wishes. Also we can offer 10 mm thick glass for that style glass railings, but it is not needed. Frequently, our customers requires tinted or frosted glass. Tinted glass can be gray or brown. Comparatively, frosted glass looks like white – it is unclear. It is very popular when saving privacy from the street side.

Be sure, we always produce and complete the fence it fully, with full installation kit. In this case, our customers do not have any worries about screws, silicone, gaskets, clinch or something else.

If You like this style, just send us simple drawing and some information, please. We can make an offer for You. Of course, Your drawings can be very simple, by hand – just line from the top, where we can see the measures and corners.

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