Other types

Custom type glass fence

Usually, we can produce a custom type glass fence in any design with a custom measurements and custom type. Apart from this, we can even paint steel in a special color, if it is required. Moreover, it is possible to make glass fence front mounted in one terrace side and top mounted in another side, if needed. Also, our company can produce railings in a very small dimensions, different shape. Generally speaking, all depends on Your preferences. In essence, we can produce a standard height glass fence, or customised – slightly higher or lower.

Naturally, there is often a need to an extra protect a balcony or terrace from wind. For this reason we offer glass fence on the top of the existing fence. Occasionally, we are able to cut the glasses out in a special shape. This is because in order the fence to adapt to current conditions, for example the stairs or stone bellow the glass.

We can produce and deliver only the steel parts, or only the glasses if You need. We can weld some steel parts together, make glass holders in different leveling if needs. Custom type glass fence popular for those, who has terrace in different level, making fences in not standard places. We can make high custom type glass fence with connection to the floor and to the ceiling.

Laminated + tempered glasses we can produce very special. For example, when one of the glass tinted, another clear and they glued together. This type of glass liked for those, who like very light glass tinting. We can also paint the glasses if required. Just share idea with us and we will do the best we can.

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