Point fixation type

Point fixation type glass fence mounted from the front

Nowadays, this point fixation type is getting more and more popular. Generally, this type is the best solution for customers, who has a possibility to mount glass fence from the front. Beside, it is perfect if You prefer less steel and more glass. In this case, You can watch a beautiful view through the glass.

Moreover, we are able to produce this kind of glass railings with a handrail or without it. Of course, we always recommend to include the handrails when ordering. To point out, it is practical: stronger and safer. Beside, the glass will stand 100% in one line, for sure.

Point fixation types

Normally, You can pick one point fixation type from a several, given below:

  • Mini quadrangle handrail type, made of ALU. Simple and little visible, mounted on the top of the glass with a special silicone;
  • Round type handrail type, made of a stainless steel. Round type handrail looks solid, mounted on the top of the glass with a special rubber gaskets. It comes with corner connections and end cups of the handrail.
  • Wooden handrail round or quadrangle type. This type of handrail is recommended for indoor use.

Mainly, the best option, when speaking about the distance between steel point fixations, is not less than 15cm. Moreover, aas stronger it is. Usually, we recommend to pick a glass for this style, which is not less than 10mm thick. As a matter of fact, we always recommend 10, 12, 16mm thick or more safe glass. All depends on what style of glass fence (rekkverk) You choose.

Beside, You can pick tinted, hardet, laminated, mirrored glass type – it’s Your choice. We offer the glass, which is always with polished edges and it looks nicely finished.

Be sure, we always produce and complete the fence it fully, with full installation kit. In this case, our customers do not have any worries about screws, silicone, gaskets, clinch or something else. If You like this style, just send us simple drawing and some information, please. We can make an offer for You. Of course, Your drawings can be very simple, by hand – just line from the top, where we can see the measures and corners.

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