U profile type

U profile type glass fence

Speaking generally, U profile type glass fence can be mounted from the top and from the front of the floor. Beside, it goes well with a modern or classic style buildings, for interior and exterior. Also, it is easy to install, when following our detailed manufacturing drawings. In fact, this type is one of the most expensive glass fence types. This style is liked for those, who wants to protect as much wind as possible and wants to have very solid glass railings.

However, it is not the best solution to use U profile glass fence, if the construction is not strong enough. As a matter of fact, this type of fence is very heavy because of it’s glass structure. Beside, U profile is made of aluminum, not steel. Of course, aluminum is not rusting itself.

Handrails and glass

Usually, glass fence with U profile type can be with a handrail or without it. However, we recommend to have a handrail. Obviously, it makes the glasses 100% in one line. Beside, it is practical and stronger. There are several types of a handrail You can pick from, below:

  • Mini quadrangle handrail type, made of ALU. Simple and little visible, mounted on the top of the glass with a special silicone;
  • Round type handrail, made of a stainless steel. Round type handrail looks solid, mounted on the top of the glass with a special rubber gaskets. It comes with a corner connections and end cups of the handrail.

In essence, speaking about the thickness of the glass, we can offer only two options. Specifically, the U profile construction  is the reason itself. In detail, You can pick one of the options we offer: 16mm thick tempered + laminated glass; 12mm thick tempered + laminated; or 12mm thick tempered glass. As has been noted, only these glass options is possible.

In fact, U profile glass fence with 16mm thick glass is an extra heavy. Frequently, our customers requires tinted or frosted glass. Tinted glass can be gray or brown. Comparatively, frosted glass looks like white – it is unclear. It is very popular when saving privacy from the street side.

Be sure, we always produce and complete the fence it fully, with full installation kit. In this case, our customers do not have any worries about screws, silicone, gaskets, clinch or something else.

If You like this style, just send us simple drawing and some information, please. We can make an offer for You. Of course, Your drawings can be very simple, by hand – just line from the top, where we can see the measures and corners.

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